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The Meal Program
The PEAK Center meal program continues to function as a traditional congregate meal site. We have made some improvements to the program, offering more fresh ingredients, but because of our temporary location we do not have the ability to prepare meals on site and must require advanced registration, limit service to one time of day, and do not have the ability to offer meal options. We plan to implement changes to this program, to mirror the Encore Café, when we move into our new location at North Penn Commons in 2015.

At the PEAK Center, even with our current restraints in our temporary location, we have experienced a significant increase in meal participation. In 2013, we served 6,212 meals at The PEAK Center. This is an increase of almost 80% in meals served at The PEAK Center compared to our 2012 participation levels. This accomplishment is magnified by the fact that in the years prior to this, participation in The PEAK Center meal program was experiencing a steady decrease in the numbers of meals served. We expect when The PEAK Center moves into our new location at North Penn Commons that our participation will increase and meet or exceed the participation we see at our Encore Experiences location.

Information and Assistance Services

  • Benefits Eligibility: We have made educating seniors about available benefits one of our highest priorities. To that end we are engaging in a marketing campaign to encourage people to come in for a brief screening to find programs for which they may be eligible. Once we determine probable eligibility, our staff will help with the application process and appeal process if necessary.

A kickoff event was held, at both our Encore Experiences and PEAK Center locations, for this project on September 28, 2013. With the help of volunteers from the Vanguard Group we screened fifty three people and determined that thirty six of them (sixty-eight percent) may be eligible for benefits of which they were previously unaware. In the first four months of this program we screened almost 200 people!

  • Other Services: At each location we also offer free tax preparation services in partnership with AARP volunteers. Financial and legal advice, assistance with rebates, Medicare and healthcare options, and access to other agencies and government services.
  • Many of the programs we offer under the social services umbrella are offered both on site and in the community through partnerships with area adult living communities.
  • Fitness and Health Programming: At each location we offer a variety of exercise classes, programs related to health and wellness, and a variety of wellness screenings.

Specific to experience in fitness classes and fitness room, participants noted reasonable rates, and the adaptations offered for people with differing physical abilities. They state they feel safe in the classes and enjoy exercising with people of their own age group. In addition they socialize during class and have made new friends because of their participation. People with experience using the fitness room note the availability to work around their own schedules, they feel safe, the room is well maintained, and they are comfortable in the room.

Specific to experience with lectures. This group notes a high level of speaker knowledge, have learned new things, and believe the topics (we focus most lectures on health related issues) are very relevant.


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